Bentleigh's Hidden Gems: Exploring the Café Scene

Bentleigh, a charming suburb nestled in Melbourne's southeastern region, boasts a vibrant café culture that often remains a well-kept secret for locals and visitors alike. In this article, we'll delve into the delightful world of Bentleigh's hidden gems, focusing on the café scene. One particular gem that you mustn't miss in this culinary adventure is the "Double Pour Café," a unique establishment with a rich history that spans 25 years.

Discovering Double Pour Café

A Remarkable Culinary Journey

Double Pour Café is the culmination of a remarkable journey that commenced 25 years ago at Southland Shopping Centre. Its story began with the creation of "Intermezzo," a beautiful restaurant situated just across from Village Cinemas. Moviegoers and locals alike flocked to enjoy delicious meals before or after catching a film. The success of Intermezzo paved the way for further culinary explorations.

Expanding to Blackrock

After a successful 15-year run at Intermezzo, the journey took an exciting turn. The team behind Double Pour Café ventured to the picturesque bayside suburb of Blackrock, where they established "Intermezzo by the Sea." Here, the allure of the seaside setting added a new dimension to their culinary prowess. The panoramic views of Port Phillip Bay served as a breathtaking backdrop to exquisite dining experiences.

Piazza Vercelli in East Bentleigh

Simultaneously, they took over "Piazza Vercelli," a quaint café nestled on East Boundary Road in East Bentleigh. This move allowed them to further cement their presence in the local culinary scene, offering another delightful option for coffee enthusiasts and food connoisseurs.

Double Pour Café: A Must-Visit

If you're peeking to explore Bentleigh's café setting, Double Pour Café is a must-visit destination. Here's why:

Exceptional Coffee

Double Pour Café takes its coffee seriously. They source their beans meticulously, ensuring that every cup is a rich and flavorful experience. Whether you prefer a velvety latte, a strong espresso, or a creamy cappuccino, their skilled baristas craft coffee that's nothing short of perfection.

Culinary Delights

Beyond coffee, Double Pour Café also excels in its culinary offerings. Their menu features a collection of delectable dishes, varying from hearty breakfast choices to delicious lunch options. The ingredients are always fresh, and the presentation is a feast for the eyes.

Warm Ambiance

The café's warm and attractive ambience is another justification why it stands out. The relaxing interior and agreeable staff create an environment where you can relax and savour your coffee or meal. Whether you're meeting friends, working remotely, or simply enjoying some "me" time, Double Pour Café offers the perfect setting.

Community Engagement

Double Pour Café isn't just a place to grab a quick coffee; it's a community hub. They regularly host events, art exhibitions, and live music, fostering a sense of togetherness among locals. This commitment to community engagement sets them apart in the café scene.


In a suburb filled with hidden gems, Double Pour Café shines brightly. Its 25-year culinary journey, exceptional coffee, delicious food, inviting ambience, and commitment to community engagement make it a standout destination for those exploring Bentleigh's café scene. So, whether you're a resident or a visitor, make sure to include Double Pour Café in your list of places to experience the true essence of this delightful suburb's culture.

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