Double Pour Cafe: Indulge in an Unparalleled Culinary Experience in Bentleigh

Experience the unparalleled culinary experience that Double Pour Café offers while visiting Bentleigh! This modern Australian cuisine café and restaurant has won awards for its unique menu, which features a wide range of delicious dishes from all around the world.

 cafes in Bentleigh

Cafesin Bentleigh

At Double Pour Café, only top-shelf quality ingredients are used to craft each dish. Their passionate chefs possess knowledge and experience in modern Australian cuisine, adding yet another layer of excellence to this already outstanding establishment. With their expertise behind every dish, you’re sure to enjoy a truly remarkable culinary journey every time you visit!


To reach perfect harmony with your meal, why not choose one of Double Pour Café’s carefully selected craft drinks? From sparkling wines to craft beers, this cafe has something for everyone who sets foot into their venue. And once you’re done indulging in their foodie offerings, you can also take advantage of their excellent service – something that Double Pour Café always strives to exceed expectations with each customer.


Gather the family or friends and make your way down to Bentleigh – it will be worth it! Pop into Double Pour Café and enjoy an extraordinary eating experience like no other!

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